What Is It Like to Make a Career as a Singer?

What Is It Like to Make a Career as a Singer?

Singing as a career is one thing that you either have to be lucky enough to be talented- or dedicated enough to become skilled.  It’s no secret that most people who want to make a career out of becoming a singer never get to, but some still can reach the heights they aim for.  Although the amount of pressure, and the experiences, of those in different areas, are very different, Latin singers and British pop singers have entirely different backgrounds- their dreams are almost all the same.

So what’s it like living in the career once they’ve made it?

Public Image

Your public image as a professional singer is your bread and butter.  You can attempt to be a mysterious loner like Orville Peck, or you can engage thoroughly with your fans the way stars like Lady Gaga do.  Consider what image suits your brand, how you can bring it across through social media, and how you interact with people.  Stars who create a persona too far detached from who they are as a person end up feeling exhausted and drained the moment they’re done with interactions.  For this purpose, it’s better to make a brand that’s closer to who you are.

Dietary Needs

Voices need a specific diet to keep sounding sweet.  Most full-time musicians avoid several foods and drinks before any performance.  Spicy food, dairy, sour foods, and carbonated beverages are just some of the foods that can affect how you sound.  Dairy coats your throat and makes your voice warble, while spicy food can constrict and make you drool more.  If you’re not sure you can live without ice cream or hot chicken before a performance, this might be hard for you.  You don’t have to give up any of these foods for good, but if you want the most out of your voice, they have to be avoided at least six hours before you perform.

Rude Critics and Trolls

Almost every singer has a few trolls and critics that spam them.  Nobody’s free of cruelty and bad press.  Unfortunately, this means that you need to pay attention to your image of yourself as well.  Many artists are easily affected by these kinds of hurtful comments, and many lash out back at them- which can leave people feeling bitter or angrier at the artist than the original troll.  Singers have to grow a thicker skin than most people.

The Fun of the Limelight

As rough as all of these other things may seem, being a singer is still one of the best jobs out there.  There’s something incredibly magical and fun about sharing your voice and blowing people away with your skills.  A taste of the limelight can push away any stage fears and allow you to grow into a person who can handle more of the stress.  Some of the problems I’ve never mentioned going out, while others may vanish immediately after you hit it big.  It’s vital that you stay honest with yourself and your needs and that you keep going even when things get rough.