What is paraphrasing and it’s Importance in IELTS Exam

Importance in IELTS Exam

As we as a whole know IELTS is extreme and testing test. In this test the inspector test the English aptitudes of the applicant on the bases of various parameters. Rewording is a method that makes this test easy to split. Here, in this post us you can get some significant hints with respect to Paraphrasing in IELTS Test and its significance given by the Best IELTS Institute in Chandigarh. It will help you in expanding your band Rate.

Rewording Definition:

We can characterize this term by just composition a sentence or expression in an alternate way of clarifying a similar importance of the content. It is a most significant, aptitude or system that you ought to learn before your IELTS test. The Paraphrasing is the most fundamental piece of composing and talking test, By composing or rehashing an equivalent line of the inquiry can diminish your band score. Likewise, this term can help you in perusing and listening tests for understanding the inquiry and giving the correct answer.

We can re-compose an equivalent line by changing a few words, word shapes, and sentence structure and by utilizing equivalent words. Likewise, on the off chance that you are great at summarizing you can comprehend the full inquiry effectively and answer it well, by giving it in your own specific manner. In the event that you need to gain proficiency with these techniques, at that point initially you have to comprehend the given content totally. Here, your English language aptitudes like understanding the sentence, sentence structure, words and its punctuation can support you.

Strategies for Paraphrasing:

Here, we have three simple strategies for you. By learning these strategies you can score well in your IELTS test.

Strategy 1:

By Synonyms:

Basically we can characterize equivalent word as an alternate word with a similar importance or the word that can be utilized in the spot of past word. In this technique we can basically supplant a few words with its equivalent importance words and make another sentence.

Example: Many individuals believe that autos ought not to be permitted in downtown areas.

Strategy 2:

By Changing Word Form:

By changing the word frames we can compose an equivalent sentence in an alternate manner. Here, we can change a thing into an action word or an action word into a thing or a modifier into a thing, and so on. In this strategy by changing the type of a world we can make a successful sentence yet we should be cautious about its linguistic sense.

Model: Some People think Facebook is an intrusion of privacy. (Here attack is a thing)

Prep.: Some People believe Facebook has attacked our privacy. (Here has attacked is an action word)

Strategy 3:

By changing the sentence structure:

In this strategy we can reword a sentence by changing its sentence structure. In this procedure we can change a sentence from uninvolved to dynamic or dynamic to aloof shape.


Dynamic to Passive:

The commentator composed a scorching audit. (Dynamic)

A scorching audit was composed by the pundit. (Aloof)

Aloof to Active:

The football was kicked by Luke. (Aloof)

Luke kicked the football. (Dynamic)

In this way, essentially at last, we can say that it is a basic, simple and just as a significant piece of the IELTS test readiness. You should attempt these tips and gain proficiency with the aptitudes of rewording for getting accomplishment in your IELTS test by joining any Best  IELTS Institute in Chandigarh or adjacent your area