What Makes Chevrolet Express 2020 a Versatile Vehicle?

Chevrolet Express

Chevrolet Express 2020 is a van that offers so many options for usage that it is considered to be one of the most versatile vehicles in the market. People use it for different purposes according to their need. It comes in four variants and each can be used for different reasons. However, to understand its versatile aspect, you need to know about first before ordering one from Chinle Chevrolet dealership.

What makes this van versatile?

This van can be used for transporting numerous passengers at a go and also can be used for hauling sufficient amount of cargo. Depending on one’s purpose, an individual can either opt for the passenger van or the cargo option. Moreover, it can be used as a personal as well as commercial vehicle. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the most versatile vehicles in the market due to its ample uses.

Other features which makes it unique

There are several other features which make it quite unique in this category. However, only some of them are mentioned here in detail namely engine power, comfortable interior, infotainment system, safety features, etc.

  • Engine specification

This van is equipped with one of the most powerful V6 4.3L engine which produces horsepower of 276 and torque of 298 lb-ft. Also, it has automatic 8-speed transmission. However, another engine which is more powerful is also available; it is V8 6L engine which generates 341 HP and torque of 373 lb-ft and is paired with automatic 6-speed transmission.

Furthermore, for people who are looking for a fuel efficient van can choose the alternative option that is fitted with 4-cylinder 2.8L diesel engine. It provides 181 HP and torque of 369 lb-ft after it is paired with automatic 8-speed transmission. It can tow a maximum of 7,000 pounds and have the capability of accommodating payload of 4250 lbs. The passenger van, on the other hand can seat upto 15 people easily.

The price of the cargo van option starts from $33,295 and goes up to $37,195 which comes with extended wheelbase. The passenger van’s price starts from $36,195 and goes high up to $40,995. One can choose an option depending on his/her need from Chinle Chevrolet dealer.

  • Interior space and infotainment

This van comes with a contemporary and premium looking cabin. High quality materials are used for creating and are equipped with user-friendly infotainment system for making rides fun in it.

The base model comes equipped with radio and Wi-Fi enabled. Moreover, depending on versions one chooses, one can get Bluetooth connectivity along with satellite radio SiriusXM, 6.5-inch display, navigation system, and more.

  • Safety features

This van’s safety features include airbags and driver assistance features which include monitoring every blind spot, warning when departing from lane, assistance with lane keeping, etc. Also, it has sensors for rear parking, warning to avoid forward collision, and more as key standard features.

Hence, now you can understand why this van is one of the most versatile vehicles in this category. So, get a model according to you need today!

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