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Ah, English. Some people love it, other people just cannot wrap their head around it. Participles, adjectives, subject-verb agreements. How does one even begin to study the further nuances of the language without even being able to work past the basics?

English isn’t a subject that you can just study the night before the exam; we’ve all probably tried reading model essays the night before the exam, trying to memorise key words and phrases only to realise we have no idea how to implement them in our own. Writer’s block is also a common issue that we all seem to have when we are writing, regardless of age. How do people churn out paragraph upon paragraphs of content, vocabulary all concise and cohesive.

Studying for English takes time and effort (and a surprising amount of it). Just as how books take months or even years to draft, your preparation to write your next essay or summary should not be left to the last minute.

That is why here today we are going to give you, the reader, some tips on how to elevate your English linguistic skills to the next level. Regardless of the level that you are at, these will definitely help you out. Are you ready to write something stellar?

Tip #1: Time is your best friend

Languages were not developed overnight! It took centuries, even eons for some languages to take form. So, it would be a monumental task to ask of yourself to fully internalise the language in a week or two. English is a very broad subject; from grammar to punctuation to vocabulary, it all takes time to slowly build up.

Plan of what you plan to accomplish. Will today be about essay preparation? About keeping up-to-date with current affairs to enhance your situational awareness and the depth of your arguments? Or maybe just a gander at some new vocabulary quizzes on the internet? There is a plethora of resources out there for you to utilise; but knowing what you need is the most important.

Compile what you need to cover. Then, spread this across the days of the week, with each day exposing yourself to a new foundational aspect of English. By working with the language daily and incorporating it into your schedule, you not only ensure that you do not have a need to cram the knowledge in a short period of time, but with the repeat exposure that you grow more comfortable in utilising the skills that you have picked up. 

Tip #2: Have fun while learning!

Unlike the Math and Sciences, language is literally in everything we do! There is literally no need to confine yourself to the realms of assessment books and examination papers. Instead, pick up a book or a movie. Learning English has more of the application element. Without a doubt, picking up English has never been so much as about learning English itself, but rather, the using of english tuition in your life. Learning from good writers makes us better. Even your favourite stand-up comedian or late-night show host can do some pretty good commentary on the latest global issues! Why not capitalise off that while you are having fun?

Tip #3: Seeking help

Our drive to improve and succeed may very well be the strongest force that leads to our self-improvement. However, do we need to rely solely on ourselves? With the nature of language, it might be best to revise it the way we were meant to use it: with others. So, talk to your friend at school, or your sibling and parents at home. Better yet, you can consult someone who has a real expertise in English! Here at ChampionTutor, we have some of the best few tried-and-true English tutors available here in Singapore. These tutors are experienced, with testimonials of students like yourself who have benefitted to back their teaching prowess.

There is no singular way one can improve their English capabilities. Instead, a blend of smarts as well as time and hard work are key to go about improvement. Ensure that you start early, and that while doing so you do not dread the process of learning! And if your own efforts appear prove fruitless, have someone reputable to help guide you to the path to a better future with English!