Why Custom Protein Production Is Important: 5 Things You Should Know

Why Custom Protein Production Is Important: 5 Things You Should Know

Proteins play many roles in the human body. One might argue that proteins are the substances that run the majority of the processes in the body. Proteins are primarily structured of amino acids. These amino acids play a critical role in the structure of body tissues and organs, their regulation, and general functionality. Some specific roles proteins play structural support for organs and tissues, defense through antibodies, and enzyme and DNA function, among others. It, therefore, is no surprise that scientists would want to develop their customized proteins for study or research.

Custom Protein Production is the process of synthesis of proteins for a specific function through either recombinant DNA technology, chemical synthesis, or at times, a combination of both. This article provides a general understanding of the importance of custom protein production.


The main importance of custom protein production lies in the customization aspect. Custom protein production allows for the creation of specific proteins with desired properties and functions. A researcher can structure and modify the proteins in question to meet the specific requirements for their work or research. Working with generic proteins can be disadvantageous since the researcher would have to make numerous modifications only for them to achieve a specific aim. However, if the proteins are customized from the beginning, the researchers can easily continue their work. 

This can be useful in various applications, including drug development, structural biology research, and the production of biopharmaceuticals. These processes are highly iterated and detailed. As such, researchers and scientists will greatly benefit from the malleability of custom proteins.

  • Source Control and Quality Assurance

Custom antibody production allows for efficient source control and quality assurance. Science requires extreme precision and excellence. When undertaking scientific research, nothing can be left to chance since even the slightest error could exponentially affect the research and its findings. Considering that scientific research in fields like medicine using antibodies has long-term applicability for the whole world, having such errors is potentially disastrous. 

When undertaking custom antibody production, a researcher has the freedom to consider the source of all the proteins to ascertain the standards of the proteins and ensure that they are all of superior quality. In the long haul, this becomes advantageous, especially when one wants to undertake control experiments or replicate the study results since the proteins have all come from a singular source and are all of similar quality.

  • Availability of Scarce Proteins

Traditional protein production methods, such as purification from natural sources or expression in standard laboratory organisms, were effective for a long time in providing access to proteins for research. However, these processes are flexible. They are prone to inadequacies, especially where special proteins are concerned. It is challenging to get some mammalian proteins through protein expression. 

Additionally, endotoxin accumulation is a threat to protein production through traditional mechanisms. However, undertaking custom protein production avoids all these issues by ensuring that the proteins are generated to meet the customer’s specifications and needs. Thus, the individual seeking to acquire the proteins in question can be certain that the protein will not only be available but also be of superior quality and free from any impurities.

  • Provides Tools For Study and Research

Advancements in science have always been fueled by research on some of the most intricate topics in different scientific fields. For the study to run smoothly, the researchers need access to some of the best tools in their niche. While technological tools such as equipment are vital for the feasibility of any study, the research specimens are equally essential and can make or break the research. 

Custom protein production comes in handy to provide researchers with the exact tools they need to complete their research to their satisfaction. With suitable proteins, researchers will be grossly limited and able to offer solutions to humanity’s problems in the current age. However, through custom protein production, the needs of all the researchers are met, resulting in the needs of human beings being addressed.

2.Cost Savings

Research is a very expensive affair. Generally, research costs upward of $20,000 for a simple study and may even go up to $50,000. Detailed studies, especially in the medical field, are even more expensive since they require more experiments with more subjects and scientists. The research costs are exacerbated when the researchers use inappropriate or inadequate tools. Custom protein production cuts down research costs through economies of scale. 

The customers can determine the volumes they need beforehand and the quality of the product. This means that no wastage occurs, and they have everything they need at a low cost.

Wrapping Up

Custom protein production has revolutionized many fields of scientific research. Through the diverse advantages associated with custom protein production, researchers have experienced ease in their work, resulting in efficient studies and actionable results in the future. The field of custom protein production should continue to expand for the benefit of scientific studies in general. In the long term, since protein studies are expected to advance science and medicine studies, humanity will be very grateful.

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