Why is 2D Animation Gaining More Popularity as a Marketing Tool?

Why is 2D Animation Gaining More Popularity as a Marketing Tool?

Have you ever compared how marketing strategies affect two different companies offering similar services?  Marketing plays an essential role in guaranteeing business development and growth; therefore, it is important for companies to constantly think of the next step in their marketing strategies. One such strategy that businesses have come to adopt in recent years is animation as a tool for promotion. In the past few years, we have seen a growth of 40% with businesses that have incorporated 2D animation into their promotion strategies. So why is it that this tool in particular has gained such an amount of fame at this point of time? 

What are the Advantages of 2D Animation in Marketing?

There are several reasons why companies these days are looking for 2D animation services in order to amplify their brands. Following are some of the reasons why:

  • Appealing to the Client base

When it comes to a structured storyline and building a connection with the audience of any age group, animations have always had the exquisite ability to be appealing to its watchers. The visuals and the constant variations of RGB colours all amalgamate to create perfect attention catchers to engage viewers. This is why 2D or even 3D animation services are sought out by business heads for a more vibrant advertising of their brands, as animation incorporates a symphony of well thought-out presentations in an audio-visual platform that works well with engaging the audience.

  • SEO

Sure, animations make your websites and pages appear more attractive, but most importantly, websites that incorporate animation into their structure have an astonishing amount of chase to be featured in the first page of a search engine. This is called SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Web pages that appear on the second or third pages of the search engine have little to no chances of being noticed by readers, as more than half of the readers never go past the first page of the search engine. Google, Bing or any other search engine, gives preference to engaging web pages, and 2D animation can help you achieve this.

  • Productive Communication

When it comes to advertisements, audiences need to be fed what they desire, much like children; and what better way to engage a child’s attention than animation? 2D animation not only sends the message across coherently, but also dials down the complicated notions of a service in a simple, more conceivable format. Hence, animations are one of the best ways for businesses to conduct better and more effective client-communication.

  • Revenue Increase

Animations inspire the audience and help them know better about a service. By using 2D animation services and incorporating them into a brand’s marketing strategy, you can build a more diverse group of clients. This in turn boosts the profit margins and generates more income. 

  • Brand Name Enhancement

Animated videos are a great way to approach your client base and educate them on your brand name. 2D animation services are very easy to come by and they are a quick way to earn brand recognition in this fast paced world. 2D animations can be easily adapted to the brand’s desired domain. Therefore, 2D animation incorporation is a smart way for brands to advertise their name in order to gain popularity among netizens. Animations can also be easily updated along with every new service the brand decides to offer.

  • New Platforms

Animations give brands the tools to expand into several different video platforms like YouTube, Instagram Reels, Tik Tok and much more. Social Media platforms are the main pillar of digital marketing. YouTube in specific is one of the biggest competitors of them all. It is a popular source of infotainment for free, used by people around the world. It, therefore, is an essential tool for businesses to promote their brand’s name through ads or even paid collaborations with a YouTuber. Statistics by Hubspot’s State of Inbound Report states that YouTube is being used by about 48% of all the digital marketing strategists for their businesses. It has accessibility to different languages and can help a brand with SEO, brand awareness, and expandability. 2D animated videos have a specific fan following on YouTube and targeting that audience base is an important move for businesses if they are looking to grow. 


2D animations are an essential tool in the new world where the majority of attention is predominated by social media and internet-based platforms. Video advertisements through 2D animations are not only appealing but also an amazing strategy to gain a larger audience. It is a new way for companies to promote their services and offers and is statistically proven to provide outstanding results in terms of the development and reach of a business. 


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