Why Laser Hair Removal is Better than Shaving or Waxing


Some people spend hours a week in the shower trying to get that baby-smooth finish on their legs, whereas others clench through the pain of a wax every single month. Both shaving and waxing are popular methods for hair removal, but they are not your only options. 

If you’re interested in a hair removal method that doesn’t irritate and lasts far longer than your usual method, consider laser hair removal. While initially expensive, it is far superior to both waxing and shaving – here is why.  

The Results Can Last Forever
Laser hair removal is unique in that it can actually last a lifetime. If you have an area of hair that you never want to see again, whether that is your leg or underarm hair, then dermani laser hair removal sessions will ensure you never have to worry about it growing back. 

It’s Cheaper in the Long Run
The initial cost of laser hair removal might be more expensive, but you won’t have to keep paying that price. Shaving might seem cheap in comparison, but consider just how much you’ll spend on razors and shaving cream for the rest of your life! Waxing is also expensive – even if one treatment is relatively affordable, if you have to keep doing it each month, the price quickly builds. 

Shaving and Waxing is Irritating
Shaving can be extremely irritating, especially for those with sensitive skin. The same can be said for waxing. Laser hair removal, however, allows smooth skin without a hint of stubble, ingrown hairs, or any form of razor bumps. 

Laser Hair Removal Saves Time
Imagine never having to use a razor ever again? The time you’d save would be huge. Even if you only spend around twenty minutes shaving each week – that’s still eighty minutes each month and a whole seventeen hours per year. Who has that time to waste? With laser hair removal, the only time you need to spend is the initial appointments. Once you’ve had enough sessions, you won’t have to worry about it ever again. 

No Chance of Cutting Your Skin
Have you ever snagged your skin while shaving? If you have ever used a razor, then the chances are you have. With laser hair removal, this becomes a thing of the past. No more blood washing down the shower drain after accidentally shaving too quickly! 

It is Less Painful than Waxing
One of the reasons people avoid waxing is the amount of pain it causes. Getting it done every month almost seems unbearable! While laser hair removal might cause slight discomfort, the pain levels are nowhere near the amount of pain produced by ripping out the root of your hair with wax. If you can handle even one waxing session, then you can certainly get through laser hair removal. 

There is no better option than laser hair removal for those who want a permanent, painless, and smooth solution to hair removal. It might seem like a big step, but the results are more than worth it. 

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