Why Prefer Dual Zone Comforter Sheet Rather Than King Size Electric Blanket?

King Size Electric Blanket

Most of the people prefer the King Size Electric Blankets for better sleeping. There are many advantages of these blankets as they are known for their therapeutic values. The afflictions that come out of the best electric blankets are quite beneficial for various things like arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle soreness, flexibility, a range of motion, poor sleeping conditions, tension, allergies, sinus problems and so on. These are some of the benefits of the electric blankets due to which people buy the stuff from the market. However, the Dual Zone Air Comforter sheet is totally distinct from it with many more benefits at your doorsteps.

How is the Dual Zone Air Comforter sheet better than the electric blankets?

  • The electric blankets will help you during one season only, however, the comforter sheet will take you to the next level with its advanced heating and cooling technology to keep you warm during winters and cool during summers.
  • The dual system will create an independent cooling system and a heating system on the different sides of the bed as per your own body temperature and its requirements. Each partner sleeping on either side of the bed will get a remote control for half of the place at which they are sleeping. You can easily have half of the bed cooled and keep the other side tropically warm and toasty if you want as per your requirements.
  • The dual zone is a setup where two of the BedJet machines are combined for the super soft comfort of the people who are sleeping. There will be an AirComforter that will replace your regular sheet on top to work out its magic under the blankets, quilts and the regular comforters. In case you are the only one who needs the control in the temperature, you will leave no disturbances for the other personas regards to the cooling and heating shenanigans, because to your delight, you will also have an option of the single BedJet with the dual air comforter to cool and heat half of your bedsides.
  • BedJet is one of the best solutions for people who are looking forward to different temperatures while sleeping. It becomes very difficult for you to achieve the ideal body temperature while you are sleeping and for this BedJet’s dual temp zoned sleep technology is the one that will regulate the sleeping temperature and regulation to make it easier for the couples.

The dual air comforter sheet is definitely awesome as compared to the King Size Electric Blankets. It’s time for you to stop the sleep battle. Keep yourself warm and cold both at the same time.