Why Should You Choose Frameless Glass Shower Screens
March 18, 2019

The largest and most important objects in a full bathroom are the shower and tub. The type of enclosure you select for the shower can have lasting effects on the overall mood of the whole room. While shower curtains have been a prime choice for all homeowners for a considerable amount of time, in recent years people have opted for frameless glass shower screens. According to them, it lends an aesthetic appeal to the shower and they have many more advantages as well. The following points will explain why they are so popular.

  1. Expensive Appearance: with the recent surge of spa and vacation homes, homeowners often try to replicate the same environment in their own showers. This is why they opt for frameless glass shower screens in their bathrooms. It gives the shower a luxurious appearance and gives you the relaxed atmosphere you crave. These also have a neutral tone, so you do not need to worry about the external aspects of the shower.
  2. Enhances the Design: Traditional shower enclosures give a different look to the bathroom. They tend to draw attention away from other aspects like potted plants, designer tiles etc. Frameless glass shower screens on the other hand act as a neutral background as stated earlier. They put your meticulously curated pieces at the forefront. This also makes the bathroom appear larger than it actually is because of no obstructions.
  3. Durability: frameless glass shower screens do not require the run of the mill hardware used for glass doors. Thus, they are made of thicker and better-quality glass. Stronger and thicker glass makes sure that the enclosure lasts many more years.
  4. Great Investment: Frameless glass shower screens are the best choice because of their aesthetic appeal and beauty; they often tend to draw more buyers and thus raising the resale value of the apartment. If you currently have a shower curtain in the room, it will definitely give the illusion of a smaller room. It divides the room into parts and makes it look smaller. Since a glass wall is transparent, it does its required job of separating two parts of the bathroom and also makes it look bigger, brighter and airier.
  5. Maintenance Is Simple: Maintaining of frameless glass shower screens is easy. The glass used is specifically made for hot and humid temperatures. Thus, it does not allow the growth of organisms like mould as opposed to shower curtains. These are non-toxic unlike the polythene used in shower curtains. Since the glass is not fit into a metal frame, rust formation is totally eliminated. Glass does not accumulate soap scum and also is repulsive t corrosion which finally does not ruin the functionality and beauty of the enclosure.
  6. Versatility: most frameless shower enclosures have a common feature, but they can be molded to fit into any area. They are designed to look effortless in any place. They take up much lesser space as compared to other modes of a shower enclosure.
  7. Light from Nature: most homeowners prefer natural lighting in their house. It is great for personal grooming and a frameless shower screen will not obstruct any tiny bit of light that comes in.
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You can clearly understand the advantages you have if you choose frameless shower screens over the framed ones. Keep the above benefits in mind while thinking of upgrading your shower. But ensure to purchase them and get them installed only from reputed dealers who supply you with many options and quality material. Remember that any mistake in installation can ruin the look of your bathroom.

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