5 Creative Ideas To Make Cards With Rubber Stamps

5 Creative Ideas To Make Cards With Rubber Stamps

Cardmaking is among the most exciting and popular types of crafting among the broad range of crafting options available in paper crafting. With a blend of creativity and innovation, you can create fabulous handmade cards using simple tools and materials in the shortest time possible. 

When you think of gifting a friend or loved one with a card, a handmade card is the best option as it creates a certain level of joy for you, the giver, and the receiver. Apart from cultivating creativity, card-making also motivates the gift of giving and boosting relationships between you and other people.

Most crafters have devised creative techniques, tools, materials, and technology to improve their card-making. They have also been coming up with ideas that create innovative twists in card making process. Stamping is one of the techniques that most crafters are now using to create exceptional and outstanding cards. 

With stamping technology dominating both the business and creative world, crafters can now use it to create different designs and styles to their preferences. If you want to know how you can use stamping in card making, read this article to learn some fantastic tips that will help you create the best card design. 

What is a Rubber Stamp? 

A stamp is one of the essential tools that can help you create a fabulous handmade card. Therefore, it’s important to get exactly what it is and what it looks like. A stamp is an etched-design tool that is used with an ink pad. It is made of wood, acrylic, rubber, or silicone. You can get stamps of different designs depending on their use and preference. If you are looking for the best stamp for your card making, you can get them from www.kiasuprint.com.When it comes to card making, a clear acrylic stamp is ideal. However, wood and rubber stamps are popular among seasoned crafters, while photopolymer stamps are the game-changer in paper crafting. One advantage of the clear stamp is that you can easily see where you are stamping, making it perfect, especially if you’re a novice and want to do layered stamping. Further, for high-quality designs, clearer images, and neat and clean lines, photopolymer is an ideal stamp to use. 

In stamp card making, you also need to know the ink type. Pigment   and dye inks are the most common and reliable inks for stamping. However, depending on your card-making method and stamp, each ink will provide different results. 

Further, you must consider the type of paper you use in stamp card making. Cardstock is the most common and preferred paper. This is because it is heavier, thicker, and sturdier, making it durable and can hold inks well. It is also easy to create various card designs using such paper. 

 Creative Ideas for Card Making Using Stamp 

1. Stamp Masking Method 

Stamp masking is a simple but creative idea that can help you create fabulous and unique cards. This method is perfect for creating overlapping images. With stamp masking, you can give your design a perfect sense of dimension and excellent flow. Though the technique can be time-consuming since you must cut each stamp image on post-it notes, simple designs and handy tools can ease your work, such as masking paper. 

2. Spotlight Stamping

The spotlight technique helps you create focal images on your card by using different colors popping from the ground. Though the focal images and the background are the same, the different colors will help you create magic. 

You can do spotlight stamping either through the spotlight window or spotlight sentiment. To make a perfect and beautiful card, you should use an acetate sheet as a mask to help you see where you’re stamping the focal image. 

3. Layered Stamping Technique

This is the best card-making method using a stamp that you should try out. Layered stamping will give your card-making project an extra oomph. One of the best things about the layered stamping method is that you can use either one, two, or more layers in card-making and still get a perfect design. 

Additionally, you can use a blend of different colors and shades when using this method to help you create a beautiful card. 

4. Second Generation Stamping

Second-generation stamping can be done in several ways. One, stamp a scrap piece of paper before stamping the actual cardstock. This will help you create a more stable or muddled look since some ink has been lifted off when stamping scrap paper. 

The image on your card will be faded but very clear, while the colors remain less or more muted.  Secondly, you can stamp two cardstock without re-inking your stamp. This will give you the same results as the first method. 

5. Watercolor Stamping

Watercolor stamping allows you to be creative while stretching the use of your stamp. It applies the simple principles of water coloring to create beautiful card designs. Using watercolors, water-based coloring markers, and ink pads, you can create perfect watercolor effects on your cards, making them unique and colorful. 


Card-making remains the most fun crafting option you can always try. You can make exciting invitation cards or greeting cards using simple but creative techniques. The stamp allows you to make attractive designs that give your card a unique and welcoming look. In addition, the joy of creating unique designs, patterns, and images is unmatched.