Cigar Basics to keep in mind While Buying!

Cigar Basics to keep in mind While Buying!

There are some cigar basics that are so easy to understand and it can also become one of the right and wonderful gifts for the Cigar lovers. If you got a cigar smoking husband, father or a brother, you need to relax because with us you can understand how to gift a super premium thing for your loved ones. Before you buy, it’s also very necessary to understand about the cigar accessories in richmond

Types of Cigars that are based on Size! 

There are various  types of categorizing cigars such as size, strength, shape and the country of origin. The way they are made, i.e. whether it is hand rolled or made via machines. The most common ways of categorizing the cigar is with the help of the size, that is the length of the cigar in inches or the ring size, or the diameter and how it is measured in inches. There is basically a name that is associated with each of the lengths of the ring size and the cigar names are as follows- Churchill, Toro, Corona, Torpedo, Panatela, and so on. 

Colors, Shapes, and Hand-Rolled Cigars in Richmond 

After you have chosen a cigar that is based on the size, you can start whittling it down as per your choices by choosing the exterior wrapper color or the color of the cigar. You would be delighted to know that there are more than a hundred different wrapper shades as per the shape of the cigar. You’ll find flared, pyramid, tapered and other basic shapes for the same. Buying the best or the cheapest cigar is up to you. 

Always start with the mild-flavored cigars! 

If you are thinking of gifting it to an aspiring cigar connoisseur, then you must start by buying one of the various different sizes, styles and types of cigars at the local tobacconist. Choose the mild cigars at first and this will work a way more stronger than the already existing flavors of the cigar. If you talk about the benefits of the mild cigars, you will understand that it starts with the cost which is less than the stronger cigars and you are not going to lose as much as money for gifting your beloved who is just learning how to cut corners. With this, they will be able to learn the best way to produce and store them at home. You would be amazed to see how quickly it dries out if is not properly contained. It is surely a learned art! 

It’s time to get the most of the cigars that you own! 

Here are some of the suggestions for the cigar enthusiasts who are recommended about smoking and also feel enjoying cigars for the first time. This is also one of the most useful stuff for the delighted recipients of the gifts- 

  • There are a lot of cigars and variety available in the market. Experiment more with the sizes and flavors! 
  • Never inhale the cigar smoke while you are puffing, instead keep the smoke in your mouth for the shorter duration. 
  • Unless you buy out the cigars that are in single sticks and are stored in the humidor, it’s essential to age your cigars by stripping off the packaging and placing them in a humidor for a very few months before you start smoking. Do not store the cigars in the refrigerators because this might dry them out!

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