What Are The Top most Things To Do In Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal tour packages

Himachal Pradesh is the state where you see lofty and mighty Himalayan mountain ranges. Undoubtedly this place is cool and beautiful. Also, this location is considered as an adventurous one to visit since there are so many exciting places to visit. Most importantly Himachal tour packages will you the chance to undergo several numbers of activities including skiing, trekking, paragliding and many more. Really you will get excited and stunned by looking at the highest mountains. Though the climatic condition is really superb and its worth to visit actually.

What are the activities considered as best in Himachal?

Look underneath to know the topmost activities you can do when you are in Himachal.


Famous activity so you should not miss to do it. Trekking is the best activity that every individual ought to experience even at once to know the difficulties and then the way to reach the destination. It may seem like the action but the things you learn from it is really huge. Especially trekking in the Himalayas is a great thing why because you will trek on the highest peak that you have seen in images before.


Camping is a kind of doings completely funny and will allow you to enjoy. There are so many adventurous water games are available. The places such as Solan, Chail, Kullu-Manali, Dalhousie and many more are best to do camping. If you are the person who likes to climb the mountain and then rock then for you Shilla, Jorkanden and some other places are there.

Go to waterfalls:

In Himachal, you will witness several numbers of waterfalls. Thus you can visit your likely waterfalls. The falls called Jana in Naggar and the village called Manali has adorable nature beauty. Really it is a unique journey that will help you to understand what is Himachal. There are so many numbers of falls so you can enjoy visiting all those.

Wildlife safari:

As in general Himachal Pradesh is considered as the Land of Snow. Alongside it gave shelter to so many wildlife animals. In this state 2 national parks and then 32 wildlife sanctuaries are available. If you visit this place then you can witness so many categories of animals. This place suits well for the travelers who love wildlife and the beauty surrounded over there.

The popular wildlife safaris are The Great Himalayan National Park, The Pin Valley National Park, Churdhar Sanctuary, Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharana Pratap Wildlife Sanctuary, Kalatop-Khajjiar Sanctuary, and Chail Sanctuary.

Visit lakes:

While visiting Himachal Pradesh you should not miss the beautiful lakes. There are so many lakes present in this place. You will admire it once after your visit. The lakes such as Nako lake, Beas lake, Suraj lake, Manimahesh lake, Lama dal, Kareri lake and many more.

If you want to visit Himachal then choose Himachal tour packages and the best time to visit this place is May to October so visit and enjoy your vacation.

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