The majority of international intended parents consider Ukraine as their final destination when it comes to surrogacy because this state provides the best facilities for surrogacy. Such as egg donation agencies with the availability of surrogate mothers who are always on duty to reinforce the surrogacy procedure. Local women tend to indulge more in this process which results in successful surrogacy cases without any obstruction and difficulty.

It is incredibly convenient for the intended parents to search for egg donors or sperm donors in Ukraine because they are easily available at reasonable prices. All the surrogacy clinics in Ukraine are enrolled with different sperm and egg donors who accomplish all the requirements without any hinder.

Is surrogacy in Ukraine authentic?

Surrogacy law is imposed in Ukraine by surrogacy contract according to the federal law of the country. This law gives all rights of the newborn child to the parent to be as soon as the baby is born.

The sole guardian of the child is his/her intended parents from whose name the birth certificate is issued which put an end to the eligibility of the surrogate mother to hold the child after she delivers it.

Essential components of surrogacy rule in Ukraine

Surrogacy arbitrator has a huge responsibility even after the delivery of the newborn. Moreover, the responsibility of the leihmutterschaft ukraine klinik increases after the baby is born because it is the right time to complete all the legal documentation for the authority of the child to hand over the child to his/her intended parents. Every intended parent legally ought to have their name on the birth certificate of the child.

Inappropriate agents

Due to the slow-paced bureaucratic system imposed in Ukraine, the documentation process eventually slows down which majorly bothers the intended parents. Also, the country requires a marriage certificate of the country where the couple tied the knot along with the other essential documents of the parent to be.

Here, the inappropriate agents play a vital role for intended parents as they consider them to be the helping hand for them that is not the case anyway. These agents misguide them to the extent that without doing any legal documentation, the intended parents are willing to take the baby along with them. The false assurances by the illegal agents trap the intended parents, which makes the situation even worse and makes their life a living hell because illegal documentation is also not possible easily.

Surrogacy treatment process and Cost of a surrogate mother

With the aid of IVF, an embryo is developed either from the genetic material of the surrogate mother or from the donor material. It is then implanted into the surrogate mother who carries the baby till the end.

A leihmutter usa kosten in Feskov’s clinic for intended parents is supposed to pay around US$ 38000-45000 with egg donation if required. On the other hand, surrogate mothers are paid around US$300-400 every month during the pregnancy and an aggregate amount of US$ 15000 after birth.

Since Ukraine is the hub of surrogacy, international intended parents without having any second thought choose this country. It is because the living standard in Ukraine is very high. Whereas, the surrogate mothers live in a clean and fresh habitat with a peaceful surrounding.

Furthermore, In Ukraine, surrogate mothers are highly professional to the extent that they are aware of all the responsibilities they carry till the end of the pregnancy. They do surrogacy to gain more money. Also, the parent must follow the legal documentation to avoid any hazard or obstacle in the future.