Five Tips to Choose the Right Shower Screens for Your Bathroom

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If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom, you must be planning to install a shower screen as well. Shower screens are highly useful items that play an important role in keeping your bathroom clean and safe. They are add aesthetics to your bathroom and prove to be better alternatives to shower curtains or bath screens. Before you get yourself a shower screen, you have to figure out what your main priority is – whether it’s design or aesthetics, functionality, or ease of access. Continue reading to better understand how to choose the perfect shower screen Cheltenham.

  1. Fix a budget

Although shower screens are not that expensive and are quite affordable, the first thing to still bear in mind is your budget, because the range of price can vary from one seller to the other. However, regardless of your budget, you must never compromise with a low- quality shower screen just to save a few bucks. If you pick something cheap, you may end up spending huge amounts on its frequent repairs and finally replacement. While picking your shower screen, you must make sure it is affordable, and of the highest quality at the same time.

  1. Choose as per the size and space of your bathroom 

Once you have found a good quality shower screen within your budget, the next thing you must consider is your bathroom size, and the space available in it. Measuring your shower space would be helpful in making the right selection. Shower screens made up of clear glass would be ideal for a small shower space. This type of shower screen is made without any redundant attachments and it fits easily into a compact bathroom.  Apart from that, clear glass does not block light, thereby making the bathroom appear larger. However, if you have a big size bathroom, then you will have limitless options to choose from, including the screens made with tinted glass, frosted glass, etc. When it comes to the ease of access, consider installing sliding doors on a small bathroom, while pivoted or hinged doors are fine for a big bathroom.

  1. Check the glass quality

Choose glass that meets the safety standards of your residential location. The last place you want to have an accident is in the bathroom, and least of all while you’re taking a shower. Apart from safety concerns, replacing the glass is a costly affair that you would want to avoid at all costs. There are high quality glass versions manufactured these days that do not break even under high pressure or force. So, check the safety quotient of the glass before opting for the shower screen made of it.

  1. Make sure that it is easy to clean and maintain 

While considering installing a new shower screen, you must make sure that the one you are choosing is easy to clean and maintain. It should not have any inaccessible parts that are hard to reach and clean. Opt for frameless shower screens thadoes not have any pivots or frame under which you cannot clean the glass. Also remember that frosted and tinted glasses are difficult to clean than clear glass. So, talk to your seller and make an informed decision only after knowing their cleaning and maintenance needs

  1. Call the experts

Many homeowners want to select and install shower screens on their own. While this seems like a no-brainer, do not risk this and take advice from someone who has tried it in the past. It would be best to call a designated professional, because installing a shower screen takes a good amount of skill and precision. If anything goes wrong, god forbid, it can become an expensive and dangerous situation. 

So, now that you have made up your mind to install shower screens in your bathroom, use these tips to make an informed choice and be proud of it.