Guideline to Build the Perfect Horse Arena Construction

Guideline to Build the Perfect Horse Arena Construction

For any horse owner, construction of a horse arena is an important and major investment. It is a costly affair and hence needs to be planned properly before it is executed. Any kind of mistake in the horse arena construction process can cost you a great deal of money. The building of a horse arena is a work of both an art as well as science. Various people have various opinions and suggestions about the building of horse arenas. While building a horse arena, there are a number of factors which you should be careful about.

One of the major factors which lead to problems while building a horse arena is the regional variations. The shingle, clay, limestone, and sand vary from place to place. There are a number of essential principles that work behind the horse arena construction which should be followed for giving the horses a safe and comfortable space.

Building a Horse Arena:

Here are some of the steps that need to be followed while building a horse arena: 

  1. Determining the size of the arena: The first and foremost prerequisite for building a horse arena is deciding on the size of the arena. You need to have a clear idea about how big you want the arena to be and based on this the construction plan can proceed. 
  2. Dealing with dust properly: Horse arena basically is a place where the horses will reside and also undergo regular workouts for fitness. It is extremely important to deal with the dust element properly. The galloping of the horses spreads dust like anything and the construction service provider must know how to manage this effectively. The spectators at the stands must not be uncomfortable and for this special arrangements must be made. 
  3. The footing of the arena: Horse arena construction also covers the use of the right footing. Many people, whose budget is on the higher side, opt for fiber footing. A slightly cheaper option as compared to fiber footing is using rubber mulch. Rubber mulch improves the quality of the horse arena by adding some cushion. The water-retention properties to the footing add to its qualities.

Pay Attention to the Drainage:

Having a fast draining set up is an integral element of effective horse arena construction.  Especially for the properties which are having an open air model it is a must. One of the best approaches can be to elevate the central position of the ground and have slopes on all sides. The water which runs down can be collected outside the arena. Although expensive it is extremely important to construct an effective drainage for the horse arena facility.

Choose the Top Layer Carefully

During the horse arena construction, selecting the perfect surface covering is extremely important. While some people prefer an arena which is soft, others like the surface to be firm. Hard surfaces should be avoided at every cost so that injuries can be avoided to some extent. However, if the arena is too soft, it can be harmful for the horse as well. For instance, if the arena is too soft, there might be chances that if a horse trips and falls. The right kind of surface will provide a consistent and even base and a great grip for the horse hoofs.

Finally do remember that horse arena construction having an open sky model must also have the provisions of adding a covering since during the monsoons the facility can be exposed to rain. It is important for you to develop a strong knowledge about this industry before venturing out in the horse arena construction business.

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