Ayurveda to Relieve Anxiety and Stress

Ayurveda to Relieve Anxiety and Stress

Are you constantly feeling stressed? Do you feel anxious every time? Does work stress give you extra burden? Then believe me you are really stressed. The speedy lifestyle of this era is forcing people to take more burden than our limit. Besides that, everyday experience also adds fuel to the stress. The late nights, unhealthy diets and fewer workouts are some key factors of stress. People get less time to relax now. Stress can cause many additional health problems like hypertension, mood swings, insomnia and many more. Ayurveda can be a great medium to treat stress and anxiety. The ayurvedic remedies are safe, has no side effects and maintains a great balance in human bodies. Here are some ayurvedic remedies to help you to beat the stress.

  • Herbs

Herbs are an integral part of Ayurved. There are many herbs that can help you to cope with stress and anxiety. These herbs have other benefits as well.

  1. Bramhi(Bacopa Monneiri)

Bramhi is well known in Indian households as a memory booster. Brahmi offers great result in relieving mental stress, postnatal stress, anxiety, and many other nervous diseases. It works as a tranquilizer and also keeps the brain healthy. It is also full of antioxidants. Brahmi can be used to treat mental disturbance, headaches caused by tension and depression. MuktaVati is an ayurvedic medicine enriched in Brahmi. This medicine helps to beat the stress.

  1. Ashwagandha(Withania Somnifera)

Ashwagandha or the Indian Ginseng is a herb with natural revitalizing properties. It relieves medical conditions related to stress, fatigue, and weakness. It is also good for people with neurological problems. It also helps the brain to function in a more healthy way. Ashwagandha increases the oxygen level in the bloodstream.

  1. Arjuna

The bark of Arjuna tree is a great stress reliever. It eases physical stress. Arjuna barks keep the heart muscles healthy and help to cure cardiovascular disease. It is also a great remedy for high blood pressure. This medicinal herb is a great option to relieve stress. MuktaVatiayurvedic medicinecontains arjuna bark powders and extracts to help you beat stress-related problems.

  1. Shannkhapushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis)

Shankhapushpi is a common drug. Indians are using it for a long time to boost memory along with Brahmi. Shankhapushpi helps to reduce your stress level and anxiety. It is also a great herb to shed extra weight. Shankhapushpi contains a high amount of flavonoids. So, it is also a good immunity booster.

  1. Gotu Kola(Indian Pennywort)

Gotu Kola is used to beat stress and fatigue. Gotu Kola is great for concentration improvement.

  1. Jyotishmati( Climbing Staff Tree)

Jyotishmati is an ayurvedic plant that has been used by Ayurved experts for ages. It is great pain and aches reliever. Jyotishmati contains alkaloids which improve mental health. It keeps the mood swings at bay. If you consume this herb regularly, you will become more alert and will be able to memorize and learn easily.

  1. Pushkarmool (Indian Elecampane Root)

It is a great detoxifier. Pushkarmool helps you to flush the toxins stored in your body and purifies your blood also. Detoxification often helps to relieve stress. So, pushkarmool can be also used.

The Ayurvedic herbs in MuktaVati reduce high blood pressure by relieving stress, protecting and nourishing the internal organs such as the heart, kidneys and the liver, supplying antioxidants and relaxing the body.

Therefore, as we can see there are many ayurvedic medicinal herbs and plants to help you beat the extra stress. These plants are easily available and are affordable. But, it is advised to use these plants according to an expert’s advice. If you want to use them consult a doctor first.