How to Deal withiPhone11 Pro with Damage Display?

How to Deal withiPhone11 Pro with Damage Display?

Perhaps, you were reaching for something in your purse your iPhone accidentally slips from your grip and got damaged. Well dropping your iPhone 11 pro and getting it damaged may become very costly to you. The launch of ios13 has been criticized a lot, and the updates are not much better. Millions of iPhone 11 pro were made vulnerable, and the company’s radical 2020 iPhone redesign was also leaked just as Apple is trying to make curious to its users with its new models.

And now apple comes with official apple warning which will affect millions of users.Apple has published a new document about genuine iPhone displays in which it confirms new warning will be sent to buyers of iPhone 11 pro, iPhone11 max, and iPhone11 max pro if they don’t use an official apple certified technician to replace or repair the damage display this could lead to serious financial implications.

Some of The Reason for Replacing or Repairing iPhone 11 Pro from Apple Certified Technician

Explaining its decision company stated that the iPhone display is engineered together with ios software for better performance and quality. A non-genuine display might cause compatibility and performance issues. Apple also said that replacing the display with duplicate one can cause potential problems, including problems like brightness, battery drain, and many more.

Apple announced that only technicians who have completed apple service training and who use apple genuine tools and parts could replace iPhone displays. Even if your repairer uses a genuine apple display, you will receive the warning message if the technician hasn’t purchased their tools from apple.

The cost

Right now, Apple charges $199 to replace an iPhone 11 display and $329 to replace an iPhone 11 pro max display and $279 to replace an iPhone 11 pro display .you can bring down the price of repair to $29 with an AppleCare+ plan , but the plan will cost you $199 upfront or $9.99 per month for two years. Apple also said that it’s opening more repair centers in London for iPhone 11 pro screen, which will provide genuine and best service to iPhone users.

The iPhone 11 Pro features the brightest and most power-efficient screen of any Apple phone to date. The 5.8-inch screen and HDR display make the iPhone a perfect device. If you find yourself in need of apple iPhone repair, it’s good to know that you can rely on CPR for a fast and affordable fix, as an IP68 rated device, the iPhone 11 pro can sustain water up to 4 meters deep. iPhone 11 Pro is designed to withstand everyday dust and spills.

But it’s not considered to be waterproof.Every day wear and tear can lessen its ability to handle spills. If your iPhone11 pro has been water damaged, then make sure you visit apple authorized repair center for genuine parts. Apple has added an element in display notification that if you have used a non-genuine display, it might report back to the company that your display couldn’t be verified. This could cause a problem for you.

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