With the introduction of health and fitness in the routine of normal life there is a need to introduce new methods of dealing with emergency situations. The health sector needs to be updated to the current needs of the people and according to the current situations. All the services that are currently in place are there to help out people in unforeseen circumstances.

In the situation of emergency ambulance service has provided much more convenience to the patients. But the problem with the ambulance is that it cannot be useful for people who suffered an emergency situation while they are travelling. That’s why the concept of train ambulance service was introduced. Train ambulance service has an emergency health care service within the train. Many cities have started the train ambulance service and are continuously giving attention to upgrading the service. Train ambulance has some of the following features:

  • A particular compartment of train is booked for the medical emergencies.
  • In that particular compartment there is an ICU like treatment that is given to the patient.
  • Medical professionals are also present in the compartment to handle the situations of the client.
  • All the necessary equipments are present in the train ambulance. For example gloves, mask, oxygen cylinder, Basic first aid kit, medicines for different aches and problems.

Advantages of having train ambulance in a city/ town are:

  • Train takes way less time to reach a destination. In a metro Politian cities the traffic on the roads makes it quiet difficult for people to reach a place on time. And in some emergency situations it becomes difficult. With the help of train ambulance it is possible to save a life.
  • It can turn out to be very economical for poor people and they can afford to go for this option.
  • The medical compartment in the train provides every facility like that of the ICU. So treatment of people suffering from critical situations can be started right away when they are on the way to hospital.

The train ambulance has seen a lot of growth and upgrading since past few years. There are more than 7000 stations that are being connected with the train ambulance all over the country. These stations include both urban and rural areas.

This growth is commendable and we can expect to see even more growth in the coming years. Ambulance railroad crossing has been given a lot of importance. This is important as well in every city as everyday there are serious patients that need to be taken to hospital as soon as possible. Government has also imposed a lot of fines on the breach of rules relating to the ambulance railroad crossing. Still many people don’t give an importance and have a carefree attitude towards these rules. It’s not only about the fine but we all should understand that someone else is in emergency situation and that particular person can be saved if we all cooperate with the rules, police and the government.