Top 15 Things You Should NEVER Do At The Hair Salon

Dubai is fast making its mark as a global fashion hub. Every year more and more global fashion events are being held in Dubai. It is due to the initiatives of the Dubai government and is part of a larger initiative to make Dubai a true cultural icon. Even the people of Dubai are showing an overwhelming interest in fashion.

In 2013, Dubai set up Dubai Design District (d3), a separate district dedicated to the luxury and fashion industry. Many of the world’s top luxury and fashion brands can be found there. Moreover, aspiring designers, start-ups, entrepreneurs are all given spaces in d3 to display their talent. The d3 is set to be completed in 2019.

The initiatives of the Dubai government and the presence of top-end fashion and luxury outlets brings millions of tourists to Dubai every year. These tourists look for the latest fashion trends and opt for various beauty procedures. It is one of the reasons that the number of salon in Dubai are increasing at an unprecedented pace.

A salon in Dubai offers different services including beautification procedures, haircutting, nail treatments, pedicure, and manicure etc. Many people seek a hairdresser in Dubai as hairdressers in Dubai are becoming renowned throughout the world for their distinct haircuts and procedures. However, not a lot of people understand that going to a hairdresser is not as easy as it seems.

Many hairdressers will not tell you about it, but they expect some things that a customer should never do at the hair salon. This article will explain to the readers about the top 15 things that they should never do at a hair salon.

1.      Show Up Late

Unfortunately, many people do not abide by the time of their appointment. Showing up late is very unprofessional and makes it difficult for the hair salon to accommodate you as they have other customers coming for their appointments. If you are running late, it is always better to reschedule.

2.      Panic

Many people go the hairdresser after being pressurized by their friends or family. Although they initially agree, when they find themselves in the salon, they start panicking. Never do this as hairdressers can easily see that you are panicking. Not only will it ruin your own experience but also the hairdresser’s experience as it will make it difficult for them to satisfy your needs.

3.      Rush the Hairdresser

Haircutting, hair colouring or highlighting takes time. If you have another commitment elsewhere, it does not mean that you keep asking the hairdresser to finish the procedure quickly. If you do this, you might not get the results that you were looking forward to.

4.      Leaving Everything to the Salon

The people working in the salons do not have supernatural powers. They cannot do miracles nor know what is going through your head. Therefore, if you require a specific style or colour, tell them precisely what you need. Otherwise, it will be like working in the dark and your hairstylist will not be able to do much for you.

5.      Act as the Professional

The only reason that you are going to a hair salon is that you need a professional to do work on your hair. So, when you go to the hair salon, do not start acting as if you know everything. They are the professionals and know more about the products that will meet your needs. Therefore, trust them to take the right decisions on your behalf.

6.      Oversharing

Not all hairdressers want to know how your day was or what your husband bought you. Sometimes, they are just too tired of hearing stories from their clients. So, before you start talking, see if the hairdresser is in the mood to listen to your stories.

7.      Remain Glued to Your Phone

Many customers spend too much time looking down on their phones. Not only is this unprofessional but can make things difficult for the hairdresser. It is better to relax and give regular nods to the hairdresser that they are doing precisely what you wish.

8.      Continuously Fidgeting

Many tools in the hair salon are sharper than the kitchen knives at your home. So, sit tight and keep the movement to a minimum. Moreover, if the hairstylist is applying colour, sit still. Otherwise, the stylist may miss a spot which will affect your appearance.

9.      Leave Without Tipping

Tipping your hairdresser is one of the most important parts of going to a hair salon. If you leave without tipping, it will leave a bad impression, and you are unlikely to expect the same care from the salon next time. Tipping is also a means of showing appreciation towards your hairdresser.

10. Develop Unrealistic Expectations

If you are going to a hairdresser for the first time, do not expect a miracle. It takes time and multiple procedures to get the right look. Also, do not expect the hairdresser to give you a hairstyle that is impossible for your hair. A hairdresser in Dubai recalls the story of a client who wanted wavy hair even though she had very short hair.

11. Shy Away from Consultation

Before getting your hair cut, it is always wise to consult the hairdresser about which style would suit you better. Similarly, if you are opting for hair colour, ask your hairdresser which hair colour and brand is more suitable for your hair needs.

12. Hiding What You Have Been Doing To Your Hair

Never hide from your hairdresser about the colour or procedures that you have been doing to your hair. The hairstylist needs to know precisely what you have been doing as it will help them to know which procedure or colour would be more suitable for you. Only by sharing, can your hairstylist make a better decision on your behalf.

13. Going Without Doing Proper Research

It is always handy to do a little bit of research before going to a hair salon. It helps you save time as you would know exactly what you need. Otherwise, you will waste precious time and might not get the look that you had wished for.

14. Sticking to One Hairdresser

If you do not like the previous hairdresser, it is always wise to select another one. Choosing the same hairdresser just because you do not want to hurt their feelings, even though they had not done a good job previously is not a very wise thing to do. After all, your hair is more important; therefore, switch to a new hairstylist.

15. Communicate What You Feel

If you do not like what your hairdresser is doing to you, immediately inform them. Instead of complaining afterwards, it is better to tell them that it is not what you are looking for. It will help your to change the procedure and try something that will suit you better.


This sums up our guide of the top 15 things not to do at the hair salon. This guide will not only help you enjoy a better experience at the salon but will also be highly appreciated by the employees. Therefore, the next time you enter a salon, do not forget about what you have read here France 24 Live.