How Chickpea Flour can be Added in Food to Make Food More Delicious

How Chickpea Flour can be Added in Food to Make Food More Delicious

We all are aware of hummus- but folks, that not the only thing that chickpea can do for you! When you keep handy a bag of powdered chickpea flour in your pantry, you open up a world of new possibilities. Let me share, I always have chickpea flour in my pantry. Not only it’s helpful for people following a gluten-free diet but also it adds a nutty flavor to your dishes. One will love how easily it turns into tortilla-thin flatbreads to thick and even vegetable stuffed pancakes. In every dish you make it adds wholesome protein and fiber – so why avoid? So make it a habit of keeping a bag of chickpea flour into your pantry and you can easily order this magic food online using Big Basket Coupon Code with discounted prices.

Let me provide you with some more convincing reasons  regarding its importance :

Serious Binding Power

One of the most important struggles we face in gluten-free baking is with the texture. The gluten-free products don’t bind well, and people following the gluten-free diet keep on trying new things to get the required consistent texture. But chickpea flour is an exceptional one and have that denseness. And its dense power makes baked things sturdy but yet tender when mixed with others. So it proves to be a quick gateway for bread, muffins, and cakes, as it holds them extremely well.

I like to use chickpea flour in any fitter recipe – carrots, shrimp and more. Rather going for wheat flour, try chickpea flour, its works wonderfull – adding a nice savory note.

The most “power flour”

Chickpea flour is the most nutrient-packed gluten-free flours available. This unique flour has various nutrient benefits, versatility, tastes, and texture. Though gluten-free cooking is rare when compared with other flours. But if you prefer one then chickpea flours are the best against white rice flour and white wheat. It wins on all fronts.

Perfect for gluten-free wraps and flatbreads

The flatbreads and pancakes are the eye-loving with these chickpea flours. Simply whisk equal parts of flour and water with a pinch of salt to get the pancake batter.

Also you can order ready to cook batter of pancake online using Mobikwik Promo Code  with great deals.Sometimes you can also add yogurt and olive oil for crispiness, but chickpea flour and water is all you need. I always prefer to keep a jar of the batter prepared and make thin pancakes on the fly whenever needed. Sauteed greens or mushrooms with wraps or even scrambled eggs with avocado makes a perfect meal combination. You can also fold it around with a layer of butter and jam and make it for the snack

An International All-Star

This chickpea flour has recently gained popularity among the pantry staple. This is also known as gram flour, bean flour or even besan and has been widely used in various parts of Asia and European countries. And now getting prevailed in Italy and France, where its roasted and used as snacks and bread. In southern France this flour is cooked, cooled and then sliced into logs and then deeply fried to have a savory snack, these are popularly known as Panisse. And in Italy, it called Panelle.

Another creation is the traditionally wood-oven-roasted pancake made out of chickpea flour, olive oil, salt to taste, and is known as Farinata – Italy and Socca in France. These are often cut into wedges and served alongside a salad or as a snack individually.

Vegan Dream

Have you ever thought chickpea flour as a cheese substitute? With all my experiments out there with this, I found it could be the base for an array of vegan sauces, dressings, and even dips. When chickpea flour is mixed with water and heated on medium flame, it forms a creamy texture and gives you a velvety texture and help you with a dairy-like feeling. Well, I love it and so will you!

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