What Happens when the Mother is Not Letting the Father See the Child

Possibly the most unfavorable development of the relationship of the divorcing couples is when after the separation one parent, mainly the mother, as an act of revenge begins to obstruct the father’s visions with the child and Angela Princewill knows that best.

Often, couples living in spouses with common children divorces without settling issues regarding parental rights, alimony and the arrangements for personal relations with the child.

This is one of the biggest mistakes because it creates the conditions for much more difficult and complex lawsuits in the future. Therefore, the right course of action for separation is the fastest way to settle the relationship through court – either through an agreement or through a lawsuit if feelings and emotions do not allow peaceful and intelligent regulation of the situation.

The situation in which the couple is divorced and the father in the decision itself determines the regime of relations with the child also does not insure that the mother begins to create all kinds of obstacles in the visions between them.

This requires that appropriate action be taken, with the assistance of an experienced lawyer, to terminate this and improperly and not in the best interests of the child.

Notary’s invitation to comply with the judgment

The first action, despite the conflict, is to invite the mother to formally begin to adhere to the judgment, emphasizing the well-intentioned and willingness of the father to resolve the situation peacefully and out of court.

Emphasis should also be placed, but not too aggressively, on the willingness to enforce the judgment and enforce it and to bring the prosecution to these and actions, which will have negative consequences for both the mother and the child.

Initiation of enforcement proceedings

On the basis of the judgment it was for a divorce, for settlement of the relations after a cohabitation or on the basis of such with an agreement under the Criminal Code, the father should obtain a writ of execution and seek the services of a bailiff to enforce his rights in spite of the mother’s resistance.

The important point here is that a lawsuit must first be brought and a decision entered into force, insofar as the separation without a settled legal relationship does not imply the issuance of a writ of execution, that is, it only requires that a case be brought.

After initiation of the enforcement case, a notice is sent in the mode of seeing, according to the mother’s judgment, that the child will be taken compulsorily, and in the event of failure to comply with this instruction, the enforcement agent is entitled to a fine.

And this continues until the mother persists. If she is really interested in her child and his interests and wants to save him the extremely ugly and stressful childhood psyche related to his forced taking, then the wise decision is to stop obstructing visions with the father.

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