Why Go For Artificial Kidney Transplant in India?

Kidney Transplant in India

The treatment for the cure of End-Stage Renal Diseases is kidney transplantation. But, it is not possible for all to undertake the kidney transplantation. The reason for the same is the high cost of treatment. However, the cost of kidney transplantation is not the same in all countries. The price of treatment is affordable in developing countries, whereas it can be highly expensive in developed countries.

Apart from the cost of treatment, it is also essential to notice the success ratio of transplantation in a country. If you consider both the factors, India is a leading choice for kidney transplant across the globe.

What Makes India a Top Choice for Kidney Transplantation?

In India, the process of kidney transplantation began over four decades ago. It is successfully carried out for years and presently in its golden period. Specific factors that attract medical tourists for kidney transplantation in India are:

  • Low-Cost Treatment:

After the US, India ranks second in the list of kidney transplantation in the entire world. Soon, it may be possible that India tops the list. The reason that people have now started preferring India over the US is the Low-Cost Kidney Transplant in India. All the top centres in India justify the price of treatment, and also they have a high success rate. It is approximately 97%. What else a patient needs? Both the reasons are good enough to attract anyone.

  • Easy Visa Approval:

Another problem that a person can face while travelling to other countries for a kidney transplant is difficulty in approval of visa. However, this is not true for India. The Government of India supports medical tourists in all possible ways. They don’t have to face any significant difficulty in approval of visa. In case, healthcare travellers require visa assistance; they can approach medical tourist companies in India.

In most of the cases, the government approves the visa quickly. The maximum span of medical visa to India is six months. You can apply for expansion if required.

  • Care During Post-Surgical Period:

The most crucial factor that determines the success of Artificial kidney transplantation in India is post-surgical care. The team of doctors and surgeons is highly responsible. They provide proper guidance to a patient after the surgery. It does not only makes the transplantation successful but also increases the life of the healing process.

  • Top Surgeons for Transplantation:

Most of the doctors in India have completed their qualification from the US and UK. They have also attained the necessary training from the US. Apart from that, they have been doing kidney transplantation for several years now. All this make surgeons of India fit for Kidney Transplantation.

  • First Rate Hospitals and Facilities:

India has some of the best hospitals in the world with all advanced facilities and top-class infrastructure. Presence of latest technology and equipment makes the successful kidney transplantation in India.

Final Words:

If you are planning to take up with kidney transplantation, you can check all the details on a kidney transplant in India in the above write-up.