10 Foods That Increase Estrogen Levels In Female

High Estrogen Foods

Hormones not only affect mood, but they control metabolic processes and are responsible for health and beauty. When we age, the body produces fewer hormones. But this is not a reason to despair or go to the pharmacy for expensive drugs.

Role Of Estrogen In Body

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when people think of estrogen? Estrogens are female sex hormones. With the help of estrogens, the mental and physical state of a woman is determined. 

For the respiration system, menstrual system, cardiovascular system, liver function, and health of bones, the level of estrogen matters. You may not pay attention, but imbalance can have a harmful impact on the body.  For example, the low level of estrogen in the body manifests itself in the form of the following symptoms:

  • Profuse sweating, even in a calm position 
  • Mood swings, depression, and irritability
  • Development of a groundless inferiority complex
  • Weight gain 
  • Problems with appearance 
  • Rapid fatigue and weakness
  • Migraines and headaches
  • A decrease in the level of sexual attraction to men
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Heart rhythm disturbances

To eliminate these complications, we often use hormonal drugs. But when using such medications, side effects often occur. In some cases, we should give preference to estrogens present in food. They allow you to compensate for the deficiency of these hormones.

What Foods Have High Estrogen?

Let’s see which foods contain estrogen in significant amounts. 

1- Sesame 

Sesame is another healthy seed. In addition to a significant amount of lignans, they contain many fiber, several vitamins, and minerals. You can add them to your soup, salad, vegetables, or meat dishes. Sesame seeds of one hundred grams contain 8008.1 mcg of estrogen. For a daily portion of estrogen, 1 tbsp. is enough. 

2- Fruits

In this category, the best options are peaches and apricots. Fresh fruits and their juices both are beneficial. Only 150 g will provide the necessary amount of estrogen and protect the heart. The only negative is seasonality. 

Fruit contains a lot of nutrients. The product prevents the occurrence of cancer and stroke. It is recommended to add peaches to ice cream, baked goods, various desserts, oatmeal, pastries, yogurts, and cocktails.

3- Red Wine 

Due to resveratrol, this drink has pronounced antioxidant properties that stabilize hormones. It is enough for women to drink 30 ml of red wine a day; for men – 50-60 ml. Red wine goes well with a variety of foods: roasted peanuts, peaches, strawberries, and cheese. 

But make sure you do not consume any other alcoholic drink, as these can be addictive. If anyone you know consumes it excessively and is suffering from severe symptoms, you can contact alcohol hotlines for help. They are available for support.

4- Beans 

It is good to eat white and black beans that have a high level of estrogen, fiber, and folic acid. Naturally occurring estrogens are present in white beans. The product is rich in folic acid, calcium, and iron. They are also a good source of iron. Black beans are an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and vegetable protein. You can add black beans to salads or soups.

5- Flaxseeds 

In terms of hormone content, this plant can even compete with soy. Additionally, flax provides cleansing of toxins and promotes weight loss. Apart from their estrogen content, they also have omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fibers.

Flaxseed maintains the level of cholesterol in the body. You can sprinkle flaxseeds over yogurt, breakfast cereals, or oatmeal. 100 g of flax seeds has phytoestrogens in an amount of 380 micrograms.

6- Nuts 

Nuts are a rich source of isoflavones and therefore contribute to the maintenance of women’s health. Pistachios contain the highest amount of phytoestrogens of all nuts. Walnuts are one of the healthiest nuts. 

Nutrients, omega-3, and phytoestrogens are essential elements that make nuts so special. The most common and favorite nuts on the market, peanuts, also contain phytoestrogens. 

7- Dairy Products

Dairy products contain real estrogen. The body receives most of this substance (70-80%) with milk. In addition to it, it is worth including cheese in the menu.

8- Dried Fruits 

This is another healthy snack, rich not only in phytohormones but also in minerals. Dried apricots and prunes are suitable; there are no problems with high blood sugar, then dates. The drying process of these fruits increases the number of vitamins, phytoestrogens, and minerals in them. They are best used as a mid-day snack. 

9- All Soy Products 

Soy-based meat or milk substitutes help to normalize hormonal levels. The useful minerals in the soy products affect the metabolism of estrogen in the body. These substances also affect the metabolism system. Soy Products have estrogen, nutrients, and many trace elements.

Like soy products, soy milk also has all useful minerals. It is useful for relieving menstrual problems such as pain or cramps. The body restores the level of estrogen and heals itself. Like regular milk, you can use this milk in the breakfast or in the evening.

10- Garlic 

The plant is rich in isoflavones, improves immunity, and helps to cleanse blood vessels. It is worth adding a couple of cloves to any dishes to prolong youth. One hundred grams of garlic contains 603.3 mcg of phytoestrogens. Garlic helps to reduce cholesterol content and prevents the development of heart pathologies. 

The use of a vegetable should be discarded in case of individual intolerance to its components. You must not use this product in the presence of the following pathologies: hemorrhoids, epilepsy, chronic diseases of the digestive tract, and the presence of a pronounced tendency to allergic reactions.

Summing Up

Maintaining a balanced level of estrogen along with other minerals is essential for the well-being of a female. However, you can do this without using medicines. By eating the foods mentioned above, you can restore the estrogen level in the body.

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