A Guide to Hire Babysitters

A Guide to Hire Babysitters

A babysitter is someone who provides occasional child care whenever needed for a few hours, days or weeks. Babysitting Services Dubai provides babysitters at any hour. However, in-home sitters range from nannies who may have experience in child care and first aid to women, who although not trained professionally, have had many years of experience of child care, including their own.


In order to give themselves time off from 9to5 schedule, enjoy some time free from their daily parenting routine, parents hire babysitters. However, parents enjoying time away from home is enjoyable only when parents are secure in knowing that their child is safe and is well cared for. Mother’s hire babysitters as they can have some time away from their children and enjoy carefree knowing their children are in excellent hands.

What should you look out for in a baby-sitter?

You should address:

  1. Their maturity and competence
  2. Their ability to cope in emergency situations
  3. Their ideas on house rules, unknown visitors etc
  4. Their attitudes to coping with unacceptable 5.Behaviour in young children
  5. What television program they consider suitable for young children
  6. Their ideas on consistency of care


Babysitters should understand that children are very precious and parents often have ambivalent feelings about leaving their children with a babysitter. The primary goal of parents to hire a babysitter is to provide safe and competent babysitting without feeling a need for substitute parents. No matter how conscientious the sitter, she or he will make sure to take care of the child in precisely the same way as a parent. It is unreasonable to expect a babysitter to be carbon-copy parent, but no less than that. Once convinced the babysitter is a decent, well behaved and kind individual, parents willingly hire such an individual and allow to use her own judgments for the child betterment and care.

Most parents provide the babysitter with general guidelines about bedtime, food routine, acceptable activity and behavior during the parents’ absence, and additional instructions on who to contact in case of an emergency. In addition, young people who want to be babysitters may take professional babysitter course.

What do babysitters do?

Babysitters are generally responsible for planning studies and extracurricular activities for your children (e.g., games, sports, arts and crafts, etc. ) or supervising play and teaching them the correct method. However, some babysitters may be willing to take on some additional work like cooking, light housekeeping, teaching new skills, driving children to and from scheduled activities, and helping with homework for extra income. Above all else, though, a babysitter is responsible for the safety, hygiene and well-being of your children while they’re in her care.


Leaving your child to the care of someone else is a big matter of concern. Lavender House Care helps you find one decent and experienced babysitter who will take full responsibility of the child. It helps you choose people who take their responsibilities as a baby-sitter seriously. The care of your child is in their hands and all you can do is to make sure they are committed to being prepared for all possible occurrences.