Best Resources To Prepare For System Design Interview And Design Questions

Best Resources To Prepare For System Design Interview And Design Questions

Preparation of a system design interview is a never-ending story, there is not any single optimal source for learning that will give you a true sense of confidence or short of completeness.

I have done the research for a very long time and find out some best resources to learn from these system designs. this won’t make you master but it will give you the confidence to crack any system design interview.

This system design interview tests your skill and your ability to work with complex and scalability services. If you have better knowledge and commendable design skills, you will get a better offer and get placed in your dream giant tech companies and your performance in these interviewers determine what position and salary you will be offered.

In this post, I will share some best resources after reading so many interviews experienced by selected candidates in top companies on various blogs.

Top Resources To Prepare For System Design Interview

Cracking The Coding Interview Book

For preparing for coding interviews, this book is very handy and this book also has some fundamental questions about system design.

In this book, they covered frequently asked system design interview questions. You can also check out the system design section of this book.

Designing Data Insensitive Application Book

In this book, you have given a detailed explanation of each and every various concept to design scalable architecture and data-heavy applications.

In this book, you’ve needed to cover everything from this; you may just read part 1 and part 2 & skip part 3.

Grokking The System Design Interview

This course is very famous when it comes to the sorting point for system design interviews. Everyone is talking about this course. This course will provide you the basic foundation about various concepts, topics, and how to answer the system design interview questions. In this course, details are not too much but the flow is very important and this covers so many things in a very systematic manner.

Info Q Scalability Presentation

This is one of the most interesting lists of video presentations by top architects like Instagram, Facebook, uber, linked In. you can watch these presentations twice or try to watch so many times, in any order, first time collect all the system design training online concepts and try to collect detail about architecture.

Software Architecture Monday

It is a free bi-weekly video lesson series on software architecture. These are ten minutes that contain various aspects of applications, integration, and enterprise architecture.

Design Questions:

Tiny URL

Paste bin

General Services:

Search Service

Typeahead suggestion services

Web crawler

API rate limiting service

Social Media Use Cases:

Facebook newsfeed



Cloud Services

Dropbox / Google Drive

Google docs.

Amazon S3.

Video Streaming

It is the main data Structures online training and different formats of a video have to be stored. There is a key to recommendation service.


Similar systems: Youtube, Prime Video.

Online Shopping


Similar systems: Walmart, Airbnb, eBay.

Messaging use Cases

Http difference, long pooling & WebSockets is important to know for a messaging system.


Cab Use Cases


Similar systems: Lyft

Video Conferencing


Similar system: skype, Google Meet.

Restaurant Review Use Cases:


Dating Apps:


Payment Services:

Payment gateway



Online multiplayer

Management System


Similar systems: movie Booking, hotel, flight, Library management system


I’ve written this blog for understanding the best resources to crack any system design interview and some design questions. This blog helps you to know everything related to system design in one place.

During my constant learning process, I am looking forward to writing more articles and I hope that the articles will be helpful for software developers who are excited to learn.


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