Hiring in companies these days are at a peak. Candidates are moving here and there to make their job search complete. Even they appear in various interviews. Some get selected while others not.  So, do you ever think why you don’t get selected? Always there is a reason for your disqualification. What comes to your mind when you think of appearing for an interview? Fresher are often scared in front of an interviewer. They don’t have any idea about interview etiquettes. So, if you are such candidate, then don’t worry. Here in this article, I am going to explain all the etiquette that a fresher must know before going for an interview.

Let’s focus first on some do’s of an interview

  • Dress properly. Avoid extremely fashioned and casual clothes. Look fresh and descent. Casual attire suggests a casual attitude about the job. Even if the office dress is casual, dress in business attire for an interview.
  • Be punctual. Make sure that you are 15 minutes early because it shows that if you get selected, then you will on time. And the most important thing if they are giving you time from their busy schedule, then you should be at least punctual.
  • Express yourself and your view clearly.
  • Bring the photocopy of all the relevant documents so that you can provide them whenever necessary.
  • Listen carefully all the questions and answer them clearly and thoughtfully.
  • Make your eye-contact with the interviewer. It shows your confidence.
  • If your interview is taken by the panel, then make sure you answer to the person who has asked the question to you and maintains a brief eye-contact with the other interviewers at the same time.
  • Ask questions. Selection is a two-way process. They select you, but you also select them.
  • Be confident because you know you are an eligible candidate for the profile you have applied for.
  • Show your enthusiasm for the company and the profile you are appearing for the interview.
  • Always answer with a slight smile on your face.
  • After finishing your interview, always write a thank you mail to the interviewer. It shows that you are sincere about your job. It also shows that you are interested about the job. It will set you apart from the other candidates. It is the last step in your job search process.

Interview Don’ts

  • Don’t interrupt an interviewer in between. Let them finish their questions first and answer accordingly.
  • If you think lying about your education and job history will make your impression, then you are wrong. For a short period of time, it will definitely make your impression and you will get selected. But later on, it will ruin your reputation and even cost your job.
  • Don’t talk about your salary, bonuses, and holidays until they ask you.
  • Don’t smoke even if they offer you.
  • Don’t answer in ‘yes’ and ‘no’ only. Clarify your answer properly.
  • Don’t show your nervousness by drumming your fingers, swing your leg or cracking your knuckles.
  • Don’t keep your mobile phone either in ring mode or on vibration. Always keep it in silent mode only.
  • Looking up at your resume while they ask question will make your bad impression.
  • Don’t seats like a statue.

So, these are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of an interview. Always keep these things in your mind before going for an interview. Following these points can help you in making your job search complete.

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