How Can Stress Have a Negative Impact on Your Physical Health?

How Can Stress Have a Negative Impact on Your Physical Health?

In the recent times, multiple theories and numerous studies have finally concluded that stress can have a dangerous effect on the human body. One such modern research revealed that seven out of ten people in the world deal with extreme stress and its after-effects that often lead to detrimental heart problems.

Anxiety and stress can be felt in various parts of the body. Take a look at some of the ill-effects caused due to excessive stress on the human body.


For most people, stress can be seen through frequent headaches. Medical experts concluded that stress often causes the upper back muscles and neck to tense up, which leads to tension headaches. This can further lead to painful headaches and scalp muscles. Anxiety can cause migraine headaches that can have a severe effect on your daily life since it takes days to get back to normal. Indulge yourself in relaxing physical recreations such as taking a warm bath or going for a massage.



Dealing consistently with stress can make a person go through strong emotions such as feeling angry, pessimistic, and depressed. Over time, stress can create a kind of virtual world where a person can feel like they are not competent enough to make any decisions and they are trapped. Stress can further lead to hampering personal and professional relationships. In order to get rid of the stress effects, motivate yourself in calm activities like meditation or yoga. You can also take up a new hobby that will keep your mind occupied for a healthy period of time. For instance, you can gather information about the ELISA technique that might help you in the future.

Weight and Metabolism

Weight fluctuations and stress often go hand in hand. When the body goes through significant stress and a depressed life, your metabolism alters and the demand for food increases. In simple words, people find comfort and relief in food when they are stressed out. This kind of unhealthy consumption of food can lead to long-term weight issues. Keep yourself occupied with physical activities that will help you reduce weight, as well as, improve body metabolism.

Blood Pressure Level

When a person goes through stress for a long time, they become susceptible to major health disorders such as increased blood pressure levels. As the stress hormones boost the activity of the heart, after a while, it can lead to constricted arteries. If you overlook these issues, then you will become more likely to face stroke and heart attack, which can be life-threatening.


Hair Loss

With intense and consistent stress, the issue of hair loss has become quite usual. Anyone can be affected at any stage of their life with significant hair loss. For some people, their hair is their prize possession and hair loss can further elevate the stress levels. Consult a doctor who will provide you with a hair loss treatment.

Final Thoughts

Being under stress for a prolonged time interval can cause many serious health problems. The aforementioned health issues are some of major after-effects of intense stress. Consult a psychologist who can help you out with your issues and guide you in the right direction towards a healthy life.

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