Famous Business Leaders Who Brought the Change

Famous Business Leaders Who Brought the Change

Great leaders are the secret to the success of any business. They can change the perspective of their employees, and they have the vision to convert ideas into reality. Having a great leader on board is like a pilot who can take your business to the new Zenith.

Here is a list of five such business leaders who brought change through their ideas and perception.

  • Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a business tycoon who believed in his idea, failed many times, took every criticism positively and went forward to achieve his mission. His biggest achievement is the Introduction of SpaceX in the world. The idea that no one believed in and was criticized by many, but by constant efforts and hard work, Elon Musk succeeded in achieving his mission. He motivated many budding entrepreneurs to think beyond the limit and give their best. His exposure to solar power, high-speed transportation and artificial intelligence is commendable.

  • Charles Field Marsham

A famous Canadian entrepreneur and founder of Kestrel Capital Management Corporation, Charles Field Marsham started his first business when he was 19 and made various investments in other companies. He is a financial analyst and provides investment Consultancy Services to businesses across the world. He is a philanthropist and believes in humanity; he strongly believes in helping people in need. The firm fieldmarshamfoundation awards grants to the qualified donees.

  • Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata is an Indian industrialist and chairman of Tata Group. He is a perfect example of generosity and leadership. In many hardships, he stood alone and came forward to help people. He not only helps people financially but also lends his emotional support to victims. He took Tata Group to another level and got it listed in the New York stock exchange.The Support and Resistance Basics Explained about businessnews.

  • Jack Ma

It would not be wrong to say rejection was a synonym of Jack ma. He faced many rejections in life but never left his positive approach towards life. His determination and persistence led him to become the founder of the biggest E-Commerce company in China. He built trust among the people of China and made everyone believe in his vision. He is the founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba and a stakeholder of Alipay.

  • Larry Page

A computer scientist and an entrepreneur, Larry Page’s one idea changed all dimensions of the internet. He, along with his friend Sergey Brin, created a search engine called “Google”. Imagine how life would have been without Google; his idea of creating something to ease the process of searching made him an inspiration for many people. He believes every idea is worth considering, and believing in it is what we need.


A business leader can make your company or break it. Leadership is an art. It’s never about money, it’s about a dream that a business leader sees, and he puts his heart and soul into it. They inspire millions of other people to dream and make that dream true. Hard work and dedication are what pay off ultimately. These leaders contribute to society by solving the biggest problem that is prevailing.


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