How do I set up a Netgear Range Extender Manually

Netgear Range Extender

Modern technology has provided us such an advance facility that no one can move a single step without it. You have to follow some valuable views shared by us “only for you” that how can you configure your range extender via manual steps.

The very first step: Relax your senses, take a deep breath and have faith on us. Have you introduced your devices with each other? If no, let them do so.

  • Unbox the range extender and connect it with your router with the help of an Ethernet cable and insert them both into two different power outlets. Avoid overheating and high-voltage just to avoid the mishap. Don’t tell us that you have hid your existing device just because it is ugly. If you have done so, release it immediately and in future don’t ever think to do that.
  • Take another cable connect your router with your existing modem. Last but not the least, take the help of third Ethernet cable and connect your new device with any of your wired or wireless equipments. Make sure that all three cables should be shock, cuts and dust resistance.
  • Open the web browser and type the field of address bar. Are you aware of this site? Ok let us explain you a little about this.

Mywifiext: The Netgear gadget of your range extender

The very first thing that the above-given web address will acquire you to go further is the default username and password entered by you. But the main point is how can you log in successfully? Sometimes, it may happen that the web page shows the error message and don’t allow you to go further. So, in that case what will you suppose to do? Just get out of the web address and clear all the browsing history, cache; cookies, malware, malicious files, etc form your wired device. After that shut down your device, wait for a short while (2 minutes) and start it again.

Once done with the above step, type in the default credentials into the mandatory pasture and go further. As soon as your web page accepted the default details, go for Setup > Remote Settings > Apply. Note: This process will only work only when you haven’t touched the wireless settings (security) on your own. If you have done so and you don’t remember, there is nothing left for you than to reboot your entire WiFi (networking system).

What can you do to secure your network?

  • Provide anti-virus (firewall) security to your home WiFi system.
  • Secure your network with an extra strong but easy password.
  • Install Netgear Genie app on your devices. It is a secure app that can manage and controls even repair the settings of your home network. It can easily run on any of your smart devices. With the help of this app you can go to the home page of via mywifiext and just the small step of default username and password that home page of this app will ask you to fill in it just for security reason. With the help of this app you can make any installation of any device easy and also connect them up and running with each other all the time.
  • Avoid using third-party devices and metal appliances during the process of configuration.
  • Disable public WiFi and enable wireless settings.

The above-given steps are much easier than going through manual steps. Yes, you can also fix your extender through it only when if you are having the best guidance of us with you. Do drop your valuable feedback in the comment box given below and also ask for any help of any type for any device you need.