How To Better Secure Your Cardiff Home

How To Better Secure Your Cardiff Home

If your Cardiff home is your pride and joy, the place you count on for relaxation and serenity, then you want to do all you can to ensure it stays safe. Home safety isn’t always a fun topic to discuss, but it’s incredibly important as you don’t want to even think about someone breaking into your house. But what steps can you take as a homeowner to improve security and safety? Here are some basic steps well worth using, as assessing the current security level of the home should be something you do every few years.

Repair, Replace or Upgrade Your Door Locks

It’s extremely hard to better secure your home without addressing the door locks. These are your first and most important line of defence so you want to be sure they are working properly and are good quality. Hiring a professional locksmith in Cardiff means you don’t have to be the one to deal with the problem. 

A Cardiff locksmith will make short work of removing the existing lock and upgrading it to something with a much better security profile and features. Sometimes the lock can start to act up or break during non-business hours which is when Curley Locks can be very handy since it is a 24-hour Cardiff locksmith. Finding an emergency locksmith based in Cardiff isn’t always easy when issues arise, so it’s great to know of one you can rely on.

Windows Also Need to Be Secured

Another point of entry can be the windows if they are not properly secured. Make sure that each window has a working lock on it and that you use it. The lock only helps if you remember to engage it, especially when not at home. If you’ve got windows without locks or they have broken, now is the time to remedy the issue.

Remove Dark Areas in the Garden and Around the Exterior

Having a back and/or front garden is a huge selling feature of a house it may be one of the reasons you purchased the property. But did you know that gardens with a lot of natural greenery and that are poorly lit can be very inviting to a would-be burglar? Large trees and overgrown shrubs can act as perfect hiding spots, especially if they border the house and are close to windows and doors.

There are a couple of solutions for this issue. You can start by installing exterior lighting, including motion-sensor lights. The next step is to cut back and prune overgrown branches and greenery so that hiding isn’t possible.

Install a Good Quality Home Alarm System

The final step is to install a good-quality home alarm system. With so many types available to homeowners – both professionally and self-monitored – you’ll have no problem finding one to match your needs and budget.

The fact is that your home can never be too safe, and these simple steps will ensure you’re doing what you can to better secure it.

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